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Reminder to myself
"If you take your life tonight,
know that the moment your heart stops
so will mine.
Don’t get me wrong, I’d keep living,
but my blood would thicken and run slow
and the air in my lungs would taste stale,
my veins would show blue through my skin
as the lack of you drained me away.
I’d start sleeping during the day
because I couldn’t bear to see the sun
knowing that you never would again.
I wouldn’t eat, forever guilty
that each meal could have been shared with you—
Should have been shared with you."
Nothing matters to me except hearing from you tomorrow ~ Caitlyn M. (via cherrybugspray)

Untitled on We Heart It.
"My wrist isn’t scarred
But my brain is.
I don’t have depression
But I’m depressed.
I’m not anorexic
But I’m skinny.
I don’t want to die
But I say it.
I may sleep
But I’m exhausted.
I know that I’m good
But I’m not as good as anyone else.
I know what I need to do
But I’m not doing it.
I don’t know what I need to do
But nothing stops."
(via maestrangdyosa)

when the clock read 3:27 AM and I was shaking, trembling, quaking in the summer heat
and I had to bite my fist because I was screaming so loudly but no sound was coming out
and my tears were soaking and staining your mattress, coating it in wet mascara
and I was pushing as hard as I could away from you as you wrapped your arms and legs around me, refusing to let me leave
and my free hand was covering my ears as if I could block out the sound of you saying “I love her” from echoing in my head

that’s what a broken heart looked like.

in case you were curious (yourdestructivelove)
"You asked me how I could dislike someone who brought me into this world. I said that just because you’re the reason I exist doesn’t give you the right to ignore the fact that all you did was cause me pain."
Now Stop Calling // Cicatrice (via wheremythoughtsare)